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What Are The Best Management Groups For My PPC Campaign?

Last week we met with a client concerning his Pay  Per Click managed account.  While reviewing his keywords for SEO, we looked at the keywords he was paying for.  To our surprise, he was paying top dollar for items that seemed just short of criminal.  While Naper Design has at times taken a stance against PPC campaigns, we do recognize the need for strong advertising management in…

Web 3.0? Is there really such a thing or did someone run out of post names?

So here we have the term Web 3.0 coming into common usage.  The problem is, what does it actually mean?  Many are scratching their heads and asking, “isn’t that what Web 2.0 was supposed to be about”.

The reference to Web 3.0 was made by members of the W3 to describe the desire for a Semantic Web. This new “Semantic Web” was to be user friendly and interactive… (I know; sounds familiar,…

New Website Builder at Intuit

For years now, Intuit has been a shining star to many small businesses because of its highly acclaimed TurboTax, Quicken, and Quick-Books software.  I myself have been an avid user of their small business tools and have enjoyed the time it saves with handling budgets, bills and payrolls.
Recently, Intuit began a major push for their new website building software and I thought I’d give it a…

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