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Search Optimized Traffic (SOT)| How SEO Placement Alone Isn’t A Solid Site Strategy

Often we will inherit clients who have had previous experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and sometimes even find themselves ranking well, but have little to no traffic to show for it.  Even worse, the methods used by previous Chicago SEO Companies have left many of our clients with horrible content that reduces readership and increases bounce rates. Cheesy SEO tricks that cause for a…

Marketing and SEO Mistakes Chicago Businesses Should Avoid

Chicago Web Design

When it comes to local marketing there are no set rules but there are some known “no no’s”. Each community in the Chicago Area, be it Naperville, Glen Ellyn, Barrington, or even as far as Rockford,while related is different; and each individual business has to adjust to its target customer base within that community. Still, there are some basics to marketing successfully to a specific loca…

Why Relevant External Links Matter: Back to SEO Basics

linking still matters

As a knowledgeable and methodical webmaster and we may be, we know that  know that optimizing our website is a constant effort and that the Web is always evolving.  Our Naperville Web Design and SEO Team is constantly being retaught and our methods reformulated to appeal to the demands of the search engines. You may have spent several hours adding and updating meta and titles tags, keyword-ric…

The Bean

The Bean


Ice Skating in Downtown Chicago…


Free Stock Images of Chicago In The Winter

As promised, here are the leftover stock images from a date in Chicago during a nice snow.  these are from the day after Christmas, so there are still a lot of decorations out.  Also, for the snarky people out there, yes, there is a lot of movement in these stock images, they are free, what are you expecting? :mrgreen:

Anyway, there will be another large group of free stock images from…

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