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New Directories

We’ve revived and added new directories to the ever-expanding Naper Design Business Network. While the number of Business Directories is currently limited, there will be many more to come.  We are using the DirectoryPress produced by Mark Fail, and will be asking for everyone to list a business that they know of.  Our hope is to add 200 businesses a month for each directory.  Here is a list of…

5 Simple Steps to Viral Video Results

Let’s start off funny. The following are NOT the 5 steps to viral video results:

Sit around drinking and talking about funny video ideas.
List a bunch of successful viral videos and come up with knock-off ideas to copy them.
Call every funny video idea “viral” before it’s even created and before someone has ever seen it and before anyone has ever passed it to anyone.

Using Authority Labs for “Local Pack” Rank Checking; My Review

Local Pack

AuthorityLabs is simple yet extensive seo software that’s been around for about a year now. The software provides daily ranking data, as well as link data for any page or domain from multiple sources. Lately they’ve been integrating new data sources so that you can get exact match search volume numbers for every keywords in your account, for example:
Recently, they just…

BlueGlass LA : Last Day for Early Bird Tickets

BlueGlass LA

Today is the last day to register for BlueGlass LA at our special Early Bird rate of $495.00. Ticket sales for the early bird special stop tonight at 11:55 EST, so as of right now you have 14 hours and 30 minutes left to register for this discounted price.
Want an even better deal? Sign up with the discount code sejreader for an additional 10% off the Early Bird price!
What’s BlueGlass…

Local Business Listing: A Marketing Opportunity and a Security Challenge


Local business listings began with a basic business directory more than a decade ago. Chances are, your business has a local listing wherever you have a physical address location. Check it out — go to Google, type in your company name. You’ll probably see a map locating your business and an address. Of course all you may find other information too.   Local business listings ar…

Quickly Embed Tweets to a Web Page with Blackbird Pie

Blackbird pie

Do you often use the screenshots of your (or maybe someone else’s) Tweet? I see the Twitter screenshots throughout the web. People use the screenshots of Tweets as quotes or to visualize the idea or just for fun.
This is why the new non-official tool by Twitter employee Robin Sloan got my attention.
Blackbird Pie is a Twitter-based tool that allows to embed a Tweet to your web page to sav…

Google Caffeine Goes Live

Google has just announced the completion of it’s Caffeine Project which according to Google offers the freshest search results than what its current search index can offer. Google Caffeine is also the largest collection of web content that Google can offer.
Google Caffeine is all about delivering fresh content, be it a blog or forum post or even news story. The idea is to highlight this…

Search the Web Faster with Cleeki for FireFox

Cleeki icon

We have already seen some addons that make searching Google easier and more fun as well as looked at the ways to by-pass the actual SERPs while searching.
Today’s addon is another option to add to your searching arsenal. Cleeki is a nice little addon that makes searching the web much faster. I’ve been using it for about three weeks before actually reviewing it here. I decided to…

Clients From Hell! Designing a website for a Marketer.

How many times have you had that one client that doesn’t listen to anything and wants to take control of the entire design? Recently we encountered another client who has an assistant in this place the entire and SEO project in jeopardy. She has several years within the media marketing industry and as a result leaves that she can dictate to others how to run their business. What she does not…

Web 3.0? Is there really such a thing or did someone run out of post names?

So here we have the term Web 3.0 coming into common usage.  The problem is, what does it actually mean?  Many are scratching their heads and asking, “isn’t that what Web 2.0 was supposed to be about”.

The reference to Web 3.0 was made by members of the W3 to describe the desire for a Semantic Web. This new “Semantic Web” was to be user friendly and interactive… (I know; sounds familiar,…

3 Key Takeaways from Search & Social

Posted by LindsayLast week Jen and I attended the Search & Social Summit here in my backyard of Tampa Bay. This isn’t your typical conference recap post, though. I wanted to focus on the action items that still stand out for me a week later, the things will make a difference in what I do or how I do it. Perhaps you’ll rethink the way you do a thing or two as well.
Outsource, Seriously.

Pinger: Fast and Fun Page Link Checker (FireFox)


It’s been quite some time since we had a new broken link checker reviewed here. At last I’ve come across something simple, fresh and useful!

Pinger is a great FireFox addon that checks all (or selected) links on a page and does it very fast!

To use it, you just need to:

Right-click anywhere on the page and select “Ping all links”;
Select any links on page and click either…

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