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Google Caffeine Goes Live

Google has just announced the completion of it’s Caffeine Project which according to Google offers the freshest search results than what its current search index can offer. Google Caffeine is also the largest collection of web content that Google can offer.
Google Caffeine is all about delivering fresh content, be it a blog or forum post or even news story. The idea is to highlight this…

Search the Web Faster with Cleeki for FireFox

Cleeki icon

We have already seen some addons that make searching Google easier and more fun as well as looked at the ways to by-pass the actual SERPs while searching.
Today’s addon is another option to add to your searching arsenal. Cleeki is a nice little addon that makes searching the web much faster. I’ve been using it for about three weeks before actually reviewing it here. I decided to…

Clients From Hell! Designing a website for a Marketer.

How many times have you had that one client that doesn’t listen to anything and wants to take control of the entire design? Recently we encountered another client who has an assistant in this place the entire and SEO project in jeopardy. She has several years within the media marketing industry and as a result leaves that she can dictate to others how to run their business. What she does not…

Web 3.0? Is there really such a thing or did someone run out of post names?

So here we have the term Web 3.0 coming into common usage.  The problem is, what does it actually mean?  Many are scratching their heads and asking, “isn’t that what Web 2.0 was supposed to be about”.

The reference to Web 3.0 was made by members of the W3 to describe the desire for a Semantic Web. This new “Semantic Web” was to be user friendly and interactive… (I know; sounds familiar,…

3 Key Takeaways from Search & Social

Posted by LindsayLast week Jen and I attended the Search & Social Summit here in my backyard of Tampa Bay. This isn’t your typical conference recap post, though. I wanted to focus on the action items that still stand out for me a week later, the things will make a difference in what I do or how I do it. Perhaps you’ll rethink the way you do a thing or two as well.
Outsource, Seriously.

Pinger: Fast and Fun Page Link Checker (FireFox)


It’s been quite some time since we had a new broken link checker reviewed here. At last I’ve come across something simple, fresh and useful!

Pinger is a great FireFox addon that checks all (or selected) links on a page and does it very fast!

To use it, you just need to:

Right-click anywhere on the page and select “Ping all links”;
Select any links on page and click either…

Changes in the Google Webmaster Tools

Just when you are getting used to a certain make-up,  Google decides to change things on us.  Of course, from a development and SEO perspective, this is to be expected, but with the addition of more services, the frequency of changes has progressively gotten faster.  I’m going to describe tonight the changes and how they can be helpful to the overall maintenance of your website.


Starting Your Own Viral Marketing Campaign

Viral marketing needs four things to work properly: (many of these you would have found in the Hubspot Webinar on April Fools Day)

Never before has it been easier to reach potential customers. Using digital technology, you can reach your audience for pennies. But as it turns out, inexpensive marketing is a double-edged sword because it attracts more competition. This is because t…

“Map Spam” Revisited

Many have responded and commented since the last posting on “Map Spamming by Lead Generation Services”.  Some of you have asked me to go into further detail about the structure that such a group would have, and why Google doesn’t chop them off at the knees for all of the spam There is no easy answer to this question.  The best answer is that Google is getting to big to police itself even…

Keyword Density Tool

Keyword Density Checker

Enter a URL to analyze
hidden links…

“Lead Generation” Map Spammers

In recent months, we have been hopeful that the new Google Local Business rules would bring about a change in the constant Spamming of the Map. Perhaps some of you have noticed a change for the good, but the majority of us haven’t seen any call to action.  The same groups that were spamming the map last year are doing it this year.hidden links

The reason this subject is so irritating to us is…

“Do Follow” Blogs 2-25-10

On a fairly regular basis, we are going to list what blogs we find that maintain “Do Follow” Tags throughout the sites.  For basic SEO, this is important to receive some PR from the site you comment on.  By no means am I suggesting that you SPAM any one of these blogs; this is to encourage some Link Love.  For all of the Web Designer and Developers in the Naperville and Chicago area, w…

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