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How SEO and Reputation Content Countermeasures Are Ruining The Internet Part 1

Marketing has always consisted of presenting a narrative of your product, service, or even ideas and crafting them in a manner more pleasing to the audience.  With the increase in data sharing and interactions online, this has only grown.  The problem with this growth is that it comes with an increasing rate of growth for Content Countermeasures that are intended to stifle, erase, or completely…

Negative SEO: Have You Been a Victim Of Nefarious SEO Tectics

Good vs Bad SEO

Recently, our Chicago SEO clients came to us with a new, and expected problem. Thanks to Google’s desire to stop SEO spamming and farming, we now have a new problem. Negative SEO is happening and it’s something that can be used against your business at any time, no matter what industry you are in. This post will help you quickly identify if you’ve been a victim of negative SEO and…

WordPress 4.0 Released With Useful Features To Add A Richer Platform

What do CNN, The Blaze, Fox News, Flickr, TechCrunch, eBay and Best Buy all have in common?

They all use WordPress. Initially developed as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved in the last 11 years to a full-fledged popular content management system (CMS), capable of hosting static and dynamic content, e-commerce and event calendars, audio and video podcasts, and more, thanks largely to…

Marketing Your Local Business Online

Naperville Local SEO

If you run a local business, you may be missing out on a wealth of effective and economical online marketing opportunities. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is known for connecting people around the globe with their target products and successfully promoting businesses. It’s  even more well known for marketing local businesses in their communities. There is an entire  world of marketing…

Google Authorship Is Dead & What That Means For Your SEO Strategy

The Authorship markup was first unveiled by Google in June 2011 and SEO Techs everywhere rejoiced. Its roots can be traced back to the company’s Agent Rank patent of 2007. Bill Slawski, an expert on Google’s patents, says that the Agent Rank patent is a type of system wherein multiple pieces of content are connected with a digital signature that represents one or more “agents” (authors).

How to Link to a Phone Number

I always hate when companies get all creative with their phone numbers and have to have letters in the number. My phone doesn’t have the letters with the numbers the way they are on a landline phone. Sure I can get my phone to do that but it is an extra step and lets face it I might be driving so it is a pain. So when I come across your site do me a favor and I won’t leave your site for another…

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Downtime Can Be A Nightmare

We’re glad to be back in the land of the tubes.  The past two weeks has made for an incredible experience of getting our site back up and working out the finer points with our host.

Before we get into that portion though, we should probably explain why we were down…

As we often point out, we are hosted by Byethost.  They and Bluehost are the two hosting companies we’ve come to trust t…

Another Saturday Night in Web Development

How many times must it be said?
I’m 5 cups of coffee past sanity and still have an hour or two before I can sleep.  Recently many of our clients began getting hacked by the children on the Defacement Logging Website that shall remain nameless.  (Quite frankly, I don’t want to add ourselves to the hit-list.)

They targeted three of our clients sites this past…

Protecting Against SQL Injections

No, this is not a replay of 2002.  SQL Injection is still in an active exploit for hijacking and defacing a database driven website.  While there are several methods and builds of site that can be attacked in this method, we will be confining our feeds to SQL Injections into a Wordpress MySQL database.  Here is the first we will be referencing.  It comes from G4B1DEV and is a good artic…

New Directories

We’ve revived and added new directories to the ever-expanding Naper Design Business Network. While the number of Business Directories is currently limited, there will be many more to come.  We are using the DirectoryPress produced by Mark Fail, and will be asking for everyone to list a business that they know of.  Our hope is to add 200 businesses a month for each directory.  Here is a list of…

Web 3.0? Is there really such a thing or did someone run out of post names?

So here we have the term Web 3.0 coming into common usage.  The problem is, what does it actually mean?  Many are scratching their heads and asking, “isn’t that what Web 2.0 was supposed to be about”.

The reference to Web 3.0 was made by members of the W3 to describe the desire for a Semantic Web. This new “Semantic Web” was to be user friendly and interactive… (I know; sounds familiar,…

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