Web Design and Developement

When designing and building a website, mobile site or app, we always start communicating with our clients. When all is said and done, there is one simple question – “what do you need your web site to be for your business?”. That’s a big question, one that can confuse many of our clients, and even fellow web developers. Don’t worry though,  we have a proven method of asking questions to pull out the exact desires a client has. Once we have established your web design needs, we get to work on the artistic aspects of the web design.  With both the function and the look taken care of , there is only one item left, beta testing and launching the site. And now with the client happy with the “look and feel” of it, it is fully developed, tested and published to the web.

Here is what we offer to bring this web design plan together:

Visual and Artistic Web Design

We design top end websites and items used in website.  Whether we develop your site or not, we can design the fundamental pieces to be used within it. We can then frame or substitute, design the user interface and style and then hand it off to your development team to code and implement. With this package, our deliverables include: Photoshop and/or Illustrator files, graphics and fonts.

Mobile Web Design

Smartphones, smartbooks, and tablets are rapidly changing the way consumers get information and interact with websites. If your customers are using these devices to reach your website, then you should want to give them the most optimized experience possible. We design and code your mobile site to load quickly and look great on a smaller screen so that your customers can get your info on the go.

WordPress and Prestashop Integration

Want a site that you can easily update yourself? Do you need a blog as part of your web solution? How about an online store that is easy to keep track of inventory and update products? Then a content management system, such as WordPress or Prestashop might be what you’re looking for.  We offer multiple web design options for customize content management systems like these.

Banner Ad Design

No matter what the size, we can design the perfect banner ad campaign that your customers will actually want to click. Choose from full Flash animation, animated GIF, JavaScript animation ads, Retargeting Ads or static banners.

Web Copywriting

Some businesses know exactly what they want to say on their site. Some businesses prefer a bit of assistance with putting pen to paper. If you relate to the latter, we will find a way to give your thoughts the words needed to promote your site. If you’re interested in search engine optimization (SEO,) we can develop keyword strategies that will get you found in search results.

Search Engine Optimization

Inbound marketing is one of the most productive and returnable forms of advertising. People have gotten very good at blocking out advertising interruptions and many advertising angles are simply used up. That’s why it’s so important to have customers finding YOU rather than the other way around. The best way to do this is to be searchable. While we can’t guarantee that you will end up in the first page of internet searches, we can take all the right steps to ensure that you are highly visible to Google and other search engines, which will make you more visible to your customers.

Ongoing Website Maintenance Subscriptions

If you don’t have a dedicated web maintenance team, and you don’t want to go through the learning curve to maintain your own site, we will be glad to take of the slack for you. We can maintain your site and make updates as often as you need them.  We offer packages in direct billable hours, or in monthly retainers to keep us on call (some clients love this option since it offers a price reduction for commonly updated sites)


We follow five simple rules of web design to create beautiful, interactive platforms for brands. Here’s just one example of a website we created in-house.

1. Less is more.

Studies show that people use the Web differently than any other medium. People read books and skim magazines, but they scourthe Web. What this means is that a user who is visiting your site has a specific intention in mind. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in seconds, they’re back to the Search Engine to try another site. This is called the “bounce rate” in your analytics platform, and it represents customers who could-have-been-but-weren’t. Our first rule is designed to keep that from happening. Whenever possible, we’ll design your site to show users exactly what they came to see.

2. Design matters.

People are perceptive, and the design of your site is the first impression that people get when they visit. Within a second, people make judgements about the quality of information on your site, how likely they are to make a purchase from you, how much they trust your brand, and what you stand for. Savvy internet users can even tell intuitively what technology your website is built in. At a glance, most users can tell if your site was built using an antiquated standard like HTML4, on a backend like tumblr or WordPress, or by a brand that just doesn’t “get it.”

3. Navigation should be intuitive.

People have learned how to browse the Web, and it’s not our job to break people of those habits. As such, we believe the user interface is extremely important in getting visitors to stay on your site. We assess user interface design from the ground up and build a site so that it navigates equally well from someone entering on your home page or from Google to a specific page.

4. Write your own code.

If you use pre-programmed templates or scripts, you’ll never know what’s wrong when something breaks. By writing our own code, our team has full control of your site’s final look and feel. If a client needs an intuitive way to update the site on a regular basis, we will, from time to time, use enterprise-quality backends like WordPress or Joomla if this means saving time, but on the whole, we prefer to code our sites from the ground up using a combination of HTML5/CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Ruby on Rails, technologies that have reached a maturity level that we can trust to work on a variety of devices, even those not yet invented, and to scale with a client’s business.

5. Don’t forget the content.

Having a clear message that conveys your brand’s style and positioning is key. Our team features amazing copywriters who craft the message on your site to match the consumer’s goal, whether that consumer is learning more, shopping around, or ready to buy.