Interactive Support

Gmail Support

Gmail is awesome. Nuff Said? No there are so many reasons Gmail is what we use and we more than recommend it for our clients and friends. When it comes to support we like to use the chat function to work with you if you need help with your site. Typically you will find us on our laptops working on our clients sites. The chat function in Gmail can work on many levels and at the same time. There is the texting, audio and video chat functions and when used in conjunction with Google+ there is even a group video function called hangout. In Gmail you will usually find one of the creators of your site in our chat section of your gmail. From there you can text them and or audio chat with them on your computer. This allows you to have your hands free while you are working on your keyboard and with your mouse on your site. We can then look at your site and dashboard while we advise you as to what you are looking for in order to get some results you are looking to do. We can also suggest links that might help you while are working and send them to you through the chat feature on gmail as we are talking. It is almost like we are sitting next to you the whole time.

Mikogo Support

Downloading Mikogo To download the Mikogo software visit the Mikogo Download page on our website. In the left hand navigation, you will see two options: Windows Download and Mac Download. Select the appropriate download for your computer. Getting started on Windows computers To get started just download and install the Mikogo software. Once you see the M icon in your system tray in the lower right corner of your computer screen you may enter your user details and start a Mikogo meeting. Getting started on Mac computers Download the Mikogo program, double click on the file and the M icon will appear in both the dock and the menu bar. To start a meeting, click on the M icon in your menu bar to open the menu, select "Start Meeting", and enter your user details. Further details available here. Help us spread the word We think Mikogo is a great tool and is something that everybody can benefit from. So we would be really pleased if you tell your friends about Mikogo. Alternatively it would be great if you could write a post about Mikogo on your blog or website. To make it easier when writing about Mikogo, you are welcome to use our Mikogo screenshots, banners, logos, as well as text. Just visit our screenshots page and Mikogo Blog and help yourself to some great graphics and information. Enjoy Mikogo and thank you for your support. The Mikogo Team ?