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Free Tools


Dropbox is a wonderful tool that you can use with anyone to share files up to 2 Gigabytes for FREE! This can be useful for working with your friendly web-designers when dealing in large graphic files that might be too large to send via email. You can create a Free Dropbox with any email account, although we recommend Gmail, to share with anyone anywhere that has internet. Get your FREE DROPBOX here Now!

I Want a Website

Well here is a guide of what to expect. Building a website is possibly the most important and cost effective mode of marketing for any business. (why) Some of the reasons are:
  1. It works all day every day
  2. It is interactive with your audience
  3. It is able to be modified at anytime (why we are better)
  4. Yearly cost compared to outdated print advertizing is way lower
  5. Traffic is track-able allowing you to adjust your campaign to reach more of an audience
  6. There is no limit to how much content you can add over time
This sounds great so what do you need to get started with this wonderful marketing tool? Get and Create Content.


Sounds simple as one word but What is this all important "content"? Well content is everything from:
  • Name of your Company
  • Address of your company
  • Phone Number
  • Your Logo
  • Pictures of what you do
  • Pictures of what you have done
  • Written descriptions of everything you do.(what do I say)
  • Written articles of what is involved with what you do. (new products or developements in your industry)
  • Why you use a particular brand of product and how this can help your customer and the value they are getting.
  • Videos
  • Any media (ie radio commercials pod casts youtube)

Free Stuff

Oh there are a ton of things you should get familiar with and get started using:

Well this is all great but what do you do for me?

We will determine what your best options are for your site and develop a build plan that will be able to grow with your company and its needs. Here are some of the things we will be helping you implement.
  • The Look and flow of your site (Web Design)
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizatioin) The Most Powerful Tool
  • Online Store
  • Blog
  • Graphic Design (Logo)
  • Content Developement (making your content more effective)
  • Social Media
  • Coupons
  • Shopping Carts
Some things might have to be custom and that will need to be developed with your specific guidance. Remember we work as experts in webdesign and SEO we do not do what your company does and we don't claim to be experts at what you do. We help you let the world know what experts you are at what you do!

List of Free Press Release Distribution Sites

Press Releases are a life-blood of quality Organic SEO.  Regular submission of business events for release to the press will ensure higher traffic and a wider reach of viewers.  Ensure that you read specifically the requirements of each of the sites.  Deviations from their rules will almost always result in a rejection of your submitted press release. The following is a list of free or inexpensive Press Release Services: PrWeb PR7 (small contribution) PRUrgent PR3 PR Newswire PR7 PR Web Direct PR6 The Open Press PR5
  • Plain text ONLY throughout.
  • Appears below Public Relations Firm releases and paid releases or “below the fold” Free Press Releases will remain on the site for six months.
  • No PR passed
Free Press Release PR5 Press Box PR5 PR Free Soft Press Release Market Wire URL Wire Webwire eMediawire Business Wire PR9 Newswire Press Release Network i-newswire PR6 Newswire Today PR5
  • Highly recommended
  • PR given to releases
  • basic service is free
  • advanced $300/year
Openpr PR5 PR9 PR4 Press Radar PR7
  • Highly recommended
PR-Inside PR4 PR Log PR5 Web Designers and Developers are strongly encouraged to get in the habit of using these tools with all of their customers as a basic portion of the site build.  Developing a website that already has a strong SEO footprint helps the client progress quickly and ensures that your portfolio will have higher relevance.