Trade Show Design

Finding the right partner to design and produce your companies Miami exhibit booth designs or Miami Beach Trade Show booth can be a challenge. At Naper Design we have access to designers with years of combined experience designing Trade Show and Exhibit Booths of all shapes and sizes.

At a Trade Show or convention, we want your exhibit booth design & display to stand out from the crowd. That’s why before designing your companies Trade Show Booth, we study your industry and  competition. We study your designs from the past as well as exhibits & displays your industry has used for years.

Armed with all of this information, we are able to consistently create trade show exhibits that are superior to others booths. Getting your trade show display noticed and visited by the buyers in your industry is the key objective. Our sole focus is to design trade show exhibits that set a new standard for excellence.

Unique exhibits and displays keep your customers interested.

Trade Shows are a good place to make new contacts, introduce new products and network with your peers. At these events, it is very important that you have an impressive display, since your customers will judge and evaluate you based simply on how your display looks. They will also be comparing you with your competition, usually situated only a few feet away! If their displays put yours to shame, guess what? You will lose even your best customers.

On the other hand, if your company is relatively new on the scene and steals the show, you cash in on the flip side of this phenomenon. There is no other environment than a trade show where presentation alone makes such difference. It’s easy to get bored walking around a trade show all day.  A brilliant display is the one way to catch their eye; then, when you have their attention, inform them with specifics. The special attention given to your display will be realized in tangible results.