Organic Ranking SEO

Many wonder what the term “Organic Search Engine Optimization” actually refers to.  The term “Organic” always refers to the search results in their most natural form.  This means, to have Organic SEO as the goal, we are not concerned with the Advertising blocks or the Map Listings in the particular search engine being addressed.  The organic area only consist of the natural results a search engine has to any generic query.

-Internal Link Optimization

Within the context of search engine results pages, how you link to each page within your website matters. The frequency, location, and destination of each link determines authority and your site’s ranking abilities.  How you are linked from other pages is also vitally important. The higher the pagerank of websites linking to yours, the more likely your site is to receive a higher pagerank.

-Tag Optimization

Meta Tags and H1 tags are nothing more than subtitles, telling the reader and search engines what a particular page on your site is in reference to. Specified and relevant, these metrics are powerful when applied effectively.

-Site Architecture Optimization

Optimizing the internal link structure, meta tags/ H1 tags, and Title tags qualifies high rankings and conveys authority. If you want higher rankings, it all starts here. Minor changes can have drastic impacts on your ranking abilities. This is a major benefit to many of our Chicago based customers who have to compete with businesses with similar titles and structure.

-SEO Copywriting / Content Creation

Naper Design offers an array of SEO services.  Content creation services include:

  • Article Marketing, Custom Blog Content & Article Content Creation
  • Content Creation for Blog Posts using Select Keywords
  • Press Releases & Ezine Distribution
  • Article Marketing and Directory Submission Services
  • Landing Page Content Creation
  • Inbound Link Production

-Targeted Link Building

Each link to your site can be thought of as a vote. While the number of votes you receive is important, who is voting for you and how they are doing so matters in equal weight. The manner in which we build links to your site is concreted in value-based goals. Affirmations of our efficacy are viewable in the testimonial listed on this page.