50 High Quality Funky and Groovy Fonts for Your Designs

50 High Quality Funky and Groovy Fonts for Your Designs

Today we have collected 50 High Quality Funky and Groovy fonts which can be used to make some funny design and on the other hand they can be used in web-designing also! These fonts are very handy when it comes to designing kids websites. We are sure that they will help you in your designs.:)

1. Alfabetix

2. Crown Doodle

This font looks creepy and funky at the same time!

3. Arbuckle

4. Cocktail

5. Cream and sugar

6. Funk

On one side this font depicts the Gothic characteristic and on the other hand it provides excellent funky look!

7. Die Nasty

8. Ecliptic

9. Electro insanity

10. Icklips

Ideal funky font for those who like slim writing and typography!

11. Incarnation

12. LateNite

13. McBoing Boing

14. Mullet

15. Tabun

Very impressive and cute font style. 1 of my favorites.

16. Untitled 2

17. Earth People

18. Fixd Station

19. Jigga jigga

Don’t know what jigga jigga means but it surly is a fantastic font which can be used in professional manner also!

20. Intaglios

21. Spanky

22. InkyBear

23. Rokford

A combination of simplicity and funkiness.

24. I suck at golf

25. Telopone

26. Anger

27. Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF

Excellent font from deviantart. Difficult to understand but it provides a very unique and attractive look to your design !

28. ABC II

29. MDRS-FD01

30. Font bola

31. Betlog Square Standard TTF

32. Epistolar font

Author’s comments:
“When I was a little kid, I used to watch some christian scrolls my grandmothers had in their respective homes. I loved the typography they used to make them. Many years later, i searched up and down for that font, but couldn’t find it. So I went to Librería Parroquial (a christian bookstore) and searched for some of those scrolls. In close examination, I realized they didn’t use a ready made font, but instead wrote them by hand. So, I copied the glyphs and made the font out of them.”

33. WeWant – Spike Font

34. Dreamforge Classic

If you want to know how creative people are in this world then see this font! Incredibly amazing.

35. Homeboots

36. Circled

37. LeinBold

38. The Elements

39. Akareb

40. Legend

As the name tells you, and in my opinion also, this font is legend.

41. Accessories

42. Solange

This font can be used to design header of some design related website as it provide a very intriractive look and its creativity will attract the visitors .

43. Maropawi Club

44. Psychotic Elephant

45. Monkey Love

46. Subelair

47. Jackson

48. VAL

I have used this font in heck on different ways and designs and this is 1 of my favorite as i love balloon fonts.

49. Sniglet

50. Anabolic Spheroid

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