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More Free Snow Textures and Stock Images

The Chicago area received a decent Lake Effect snow this last week. While out, I saw the chance to take some really fun stock images and textures in the snowy landscapes and ground cover. I have already set aside the ones I will be using in future projects, but here are some free stock images that will likely be useful for someone out there. I hope you enjoy and plan to be adding several more soon. Also, more winter stock images of Chicago and Naperville will be added in the coming days.

Textures From Around Naperville

Here are some textures that I grabbed while waiting for the Spring images this morning.  Some of them will likely have no real use.  Who knows; we've used some textures before that before they were needed them looked like they had absolutely no possible way of being useful.  In this set will be some gravel and mulch(though the mulch looks more like granola). -Enjoy-