I Can’t Believe it’s Gone Premium!

I Can’t Believe it’s Gone Premium!

Tuts+ Premium just got more awesome. Cgtuts+ and Activetuts+ have now joined our Premium program. Your Premium Membership already grants you access to the best and most in depth Photoshop, web development, vector, audio and After Effects tutorials and files. With CG Premium and Active Premium, you now have access to high-end computer graphics, Flash and ActionScript tutorials and source files.

We now offer 7 Premium programs for $9 a month. That’s $1.29 per Premium program, per month. You’ll get up to 28 new Premium tutorials and downloads in total each month as part of your membership. You’ll also get instant access to 283 exclusive tutorials and 716 source files – and counting – already available to Premium members.

Make sure you’re getting the best and most valuable education you can and say thank you to Tuts+ – become a member.

Want to know more?

To kick-off CG Premium, members will instantly get access to a brand new tutorial exclusive for Premium members. In it, you’ll learn how to Model, UV, and Texture a Mac-10 Submachine Gun

Our first Cgtuts+ Premium tutorial is loaded with tips.

Over the course of this 10 hour monster of a tutorial, you will gain access to time saving professional gun modeling tricks and techniques that are universal to any 3d modeling application. We’ll give you an in-depth look at using the revolutionary and intuitive Headus UVLayout to quickly and effectively lay out all of the gun’s UVs, and finally, some tried tested and true texture painting techniques that use a careful balance between diffuse, specular, and bump maps to create realistic and convincing final metal textures.

Learn the Secret to High-End CG Weapon Creation

Follow professional CG artist, Ben Tate, as he demonstrates his entire process of modeling, UV mapping and texturing an extremely high quality Mac-10 submachine gun.

In the first part of this mammoth series, we will discuss a variety of efficient and innovative modeling techniques to create a medium density model. You will learn how to break the model down into into its respective parts in the blockout stage, and the approaches and tools to use when crafting the more complex shapes and parts.

We’ll also discuss where and where not to use subdivision modeling to speed things up further. This tutorial is intended for intermediate to advanced CG artists who are looking to take their skills up a notch, or maybe learn a new trick or two.

CG Tuts textured machine gun

Activetuts+ has an amazing first Premium tutorial.

Build an OOP Based Turntable in AS3

You’ll build a turntable with controls which will allow users to view and rotate an object in 360°. You’ll use Object-Oriented Programming techniques so that you end up with a class (in a package) that can be re-used from project to project.

Professional and Detailed Instructions Inside

Premium members can Log in and Download! Otherwise, Join Now! Here’s a taster of what you can expect from this tutorial.

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