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Viral Marketing PDF April 2010

After watching the Hubspot's "Grateful Dead Marketing" webinar today, we felt a bit inspired to link a lot of additional Viral Marketing E-books through a post.  The sharing of material is actually one of the preferred and strongest methods of gaining strong readership and increasing traffic reliability. We've included four PDF E-books about viral marketing and techniques.  We hope to offer the different perspectives that are available and give the opportunity for others to compare and contrast the different schools of thought. While all of them are linked back to their authors sites, we ensured that they would be available for re-post on line and have avoided uploading any that wouldn't be.  We also thought it important to ensure that they be more educational than... Well marketing for their own services.  Keep in mind, just releasing these publications was a form of marketing that produces far more name recognition than any form of paid service or bullied email campaign. Feel free to Download the items and ensure that all credit is given to the actual authors:

Millard Browns POV

Ok, I realize there will immediately be a bit of confusion with this selection.  2007?  Why on earth would you be interested with Viral Marketing theories from this time period?  The answer is simple.  The concepts of breaking away from established marketing techniques begins to get real traction with this publication.  There are certainly many earlier publications that have to deal with independent concepts of viral marketing, but this one Nigel Hollis is able to relate the more "out of the box" concepts being elevated by Web 2.0.  I would also suggest reading The Dynamics of Viral Marketing.  This is another from 2007, but filled with great information of the virgining Web 2.0 world.

The Viral Marketing Short

Here's a gift to all of those who enjoy the mathematical calculations involved in marketing procedures, planning, and predicted outcomes.  At this point, there are plenty of analytic resources available to compile the same information (most of them free, and if they aren't you paid to much).  This may be antiquated for a lot of our "I want it now" mentalities, but it's never bad to at least learn the methods of determining your true traffic flow.

The New Rules of Viral Marketing

No list of modern marketing E-books would be complete without this publication. David Meerman Scott has had over One Million downloads of this E-Book and it has become the foundation of the modern principles being introduced into the marketing world.  While competition is still a large factor for the top position of any market, the methods described in this E-book are a necessity  for anyone attempting to market their website in a viral manner. I do hope you like this list and more will be coming.  Please give credit to the original authors and expect a publication of ours to emerge within the near future.