Flaunt Party

Flaunt Party

flaunt partyLast week I was approached by two good friends trying to develop a social networking group for adult professionals.  My first response to their suggested idea was, “aren’t there already enough of them?”.  While this wasn’t the most appropriate answer, they understood my response completely.  After explaining that it would be a party planning, match making and professional interaction site, I began to see their vision of a “one-stop-shop” adult social networking service.hidden linkshidden links

While the idea has merit, they were running in to many problems with the build and development.  Since several Developers had written different portions of the code, none of the tags were right, and the site itself was barely visible to anyone on line.  When asked to boost the traffic ranking, I was instructed to give a basic idea of benchmarks for which to be paid for(obviously no one’s paying for work not accomplished). They were ranked by Alexa at 5.9 Million and in the top 25% of internet traffic

I submitted the following:

I told them that conservatively, they could be ranked at 10% within 3 weeks.  While I believed to be able to do it quicker, I wanted to make a realistic promise.  That estimate was made last Thursday.  I am very grateful to say that today, Flaunt Party was ranking within the top 10.26% when it was only scheduled to be at 16% this week.

By using inbound links and social networking, the site was able to double its traffic and visit time within one week, without even adding the keywords or Meta Description.  Both of these items are to be added soon, but during this developmental phase, the site must be prepared for the larger traffic that is coming.

Please feel free to visit the site over the next few weeks.  It should be noted though, that while more functionality is added to it, Flaunt Party may have to be taken down for a couple of days.  Please visit frequently and comment here on what improvements you would suggest.  All valid ideas will be considered and approved.


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Comments (3)

  • Seth Progra

    Entertaining post. You seem to have gotten the hang of it already. When we talked the other day, why didn’t you want to get to much traffic to quickly?
    Is that a bad thing?

    August 19, 2009 at 10:42 am
  • Jospeh Morrone

    I just wanted everyone to know Naper Design and Christian did exactly as stated in the above story. He was professional and communicated with us during the whole process. We are having some issues with the web site and were getting them corrected by are web designers. As soon as those are corrected, it wil be full throttle ahead with Christian and Naper design.

    It’s very hard to find professional service providers that say they will do what they do. I highly recommend Christian and Naper design

    August 22, 2009 at 3:24 am
  • Allen

    I agree.
    They’re doing it for my site right now.
    It’s amazing how much difference they make from the last guy. Christian has done more for the $1750 I paid him than the last guy did for 2 grand.

    August 25, 2009 at 4:00 am

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