Search the Web Faster with Cleeki for FireFox

Search the Web Faster with Cleeki for FireFox

We have already seen some addons that make searching Google easier and more fun as well as looked at the ways to by-pass the actual SERPs while searching.

Today’s addon is another option to add to your searching arsenal. Cleeki is a nice little addon that makes searching the web much faster. I’ve been using it for about three weeks before actually reviewing it here. I decided to share it for the two main reasons:

  • It’s a great time-saver;
  • It aggregates multiple search engines in one handy pop-up.

Let’s take a quick look at the tool features…

Search Features

Just have the tool installed and forget about it. Now, while reading any web text, you may come across a phrase you’d like to look up in Google, Twitter, etc. So just select the phrase and notice a tiny icon nearby:

Cleeki icon

Click the icon and choose a search engine to perform the search:


If you need more engines, click a blue arrow sign:

Cleeki: more search engines

After you choose a search engine you need and click it, the search results appear right on the same page in a handy pop-up:

Cleeki search results

From there you can:

  • Switch to another Google service (blog search, image search, etc);
  • Switch to any other search engine (to open them in the same pop-up);
  • Go to any search result (will open in a new tab);
  • Perform another search;
  • Go to actual SERPs;
  • Access the tool options.

Preview Features

The addon has another, quite useful feature. It allows to preview the link target page: just hover over the link and hold CTRL. You will see a tiny icon:

Cleeki preview

Click it and the page preview will load in the little pop-up:

Cleeki preview

The Addon Options

Speaking of options, here’s what you can customize:

  • Set the number of “active” search engines (those you see before clicking “More” icon);
  • Disable the Cleeki icon once you select any text;
  • Set the time limit before the icon fades away (unless you click it to search);
  • Set the window dimensions;
  • Set the actions on various mouse clicks:

Cleeki options

All in all, I found the addon useful enough and absolutely clutter-free. So if you search a lot, you may want to give it a try!

Check out the SEO Tools guide at Search Engine Journal.

Search the Web Faster with Cleeki for FireFox

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