Web Design and Color Importance

Web Design and Color Importance

While adjusting for the thoughts for our new design, I have been thinking a lot about what colors will be used.  Every site will inspire a response with not just the design, but the colors used within the framework of that design.   Now that our web design service is fully available tot the Naperville community, we want to have our site brought to it’s peak performance(the new unveiling will be 1 month from today).

Designing web-sites involves numerous skilled disciplines from type to layout & color. Color is particularly prominent as it provides the first impression to the user. The correct colors can create a good user experience, while incorrect colors can have a bad impact.

To create a good website, the website designer needs to know what affect colors can have on people. People subconsciously react to colors & associate them with different emotions and feelings. Colors don’t just stir up emotions & feelings that might influence how a site is seen but they can also be cleverly used to direct users to specific sections of your site.


Every single color that you can think of can be used on the internet these days, which means that picking the right colors can be a mammoth task. Here is a swift summary of how some colors can provoke certain reactions.

Green is linked with nature, peace and jealousy. It is also a truly relaxing color and is perfect to use for a relaxing effect. The color white stirs up feelings of purity, simplicity, emptiness and innocence. If used as the main color of a site, it creates a clean and simple feel.

Blue is most commonly associated with business sites as it’s a strong color that’s associated with confidence, coldness, depression, water and peace. The color blue is linked with confidence, loyalty and coolness. It’s the best-known color in the world and it’s used by many companies to create a feeling of strength & confidence( plus, blue and orange seem to be the Naperville and Chicago favored colors).

Black is linked to feelings of mystery and refinement. For more detail go to: www.instant-video-streamer.com. An extremely popular color in design and photo web sites, it can be used effectively to contrast and liven up other colors. Green is linked to organic, nature and relaxation. The paler end of the green spectrum can be used to give a site a relaxed feel.

Grey can be associated with respect, humility, decay and boredom. It’s used a lot to form shiny gradients in website design to give a professional, ordinary feel to a site. Orange is strongly associated with spirituality and healing. It’s the color that symbolizes Buddhism and it has a calming energy about it. It’s a bold color that is not as lively as yellow but not as deep as red.

Darker shades of purple can be very deep and luscious. It is linked to royalty, spirituality, arrogance and luxury. Lighter shades can represent romance and delicacy. It’s a color that’s not really used much on sites. Full of energy, vibrancy and stimulation, orange is a fantastic color to use in designing web-sites. It is used to bring youthfulness to a design.

Color’s role is not just to make a website look good; it can encourage feelings & emotions from the audience.  In the Chicago and Naperville areas, this can be especially important because of how emotionally driven local customers can be. Choosing colors that annoy the end user can have damaging effects on your website, while cleverly selecting can mean that the website meets user expectation.

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