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Where is Google?

What is becoming of Google?

In recent weeks, Google policies have begun taking on different characteristics.  While these characteristics are still in keeping with their stated terms of use, they are coming across as uncaring and condescending to the very people that keep them in such a powerful role. Google has powered itself into a leading position with it's free applications, strong search engine, and history of good service.hidden links
  • While no one ever really knew how to work the algorithm completely, there was enough information released so that those willing to work would have a reward.
  • The free applications and universal documents offered by Google made it an easy choice when considering where to go for free, work related utilities.
  • Up until recently, their service was understandable, good intentioned, and at least reachable through the chat board.
The days of the last bullet appear to be gone completely. Below I'll share with you why I see the end coming for a company that has based it's business model around online advertising. I recently had a client working on his own to place ads on Google AdWords. He had made the mistake of using a GoDaddy-Website Tonight build to begin this campaign.  Google rejected this initial build because of the "landing page requirement"... as they should have.  The Website builders offered by hosting companies are usually based only in the visual and don't have the required portions needed for proper keyword relevance. Where he messed up was trying to fix this.  He thought it was a mistake on his part(other than using Godaddy) and continued to try to make the account work.  At no point would customer service contact him, so he did the unthinkable... He created another account... and another... and another... Those of you familiar with Google AdWord policies are now either laughing or empathetic and scratching your heads.  This is a major violation to the AdWords policy.  The problem is that for a novice, this wouldn't be known or considered.  "Google's getting money, all's good, right?" I've since rebuilt his website for American Crawlspaces Corp. And made multiple attempts on his behalf to contact Google.  There's been no reply.  The Chat option for AdWords has disappeared in the last week.(Had nothing to do with him, but just proves what's going on lately). I'm not sure if Google is low on employees because of the down economy, or if there is some greater reason that they've virtually cut off their customers; either way, the implications are dire for a customer.  Customer care and understanding is prime to any business format and setting.  This client was likely to spend over $5000.00 every month for basic ad space and would have continued service with Google for an extended period of time. The loss of revenue from this one client is obviously not going to break Google, but think of its implications on a larger and more broad spectrum.  As businesses are tossed by Google, one by one, the search engine will become known as a decision maker for which businesses succeed and which ones fail.  This is an enormous amount of power, that if handled irresponsibly, can lead to a lot of buyers remorse.  The forums at Google are already flooded by people making attempts to register this complaint to the search engine giant.  Here is just one example.  People are trying to become compliant with the requirements of the Terms of Service, but with no response or assistance available from the support members.  Even the forums are maintained by volunteers who are good enough to share their experience with the public.  Barely ever do you encounter an actual Google member within the thread who is willing to impart some form of assistance(this thread was an exception to the rule). Because of the recent disruptions and continuing lack of support, I'm now referring my clients to purchase ads only through Bing and Yahoo.  While some of you may think this absurd, there is a method to my madness.  Bing and Yahoo combine to have the same reach as Google, they both have less expensive ad space and they have customer support.  While it may seem trivial, client support is needed for a full and strong working relationship between advertiser and ad service. It can only be hoped that Google will see where they are causing serious harm to small businesses and where they are thinning the heard at the worst of times.  With businesses struggling as much as they are now, it places an added pressure that the strongest search engine refuses to offer support to the virgining businesses that may not know how to play by the rules.  At this moment, they could have more of an impact on an economic recovery than Congress or the President could even hope for.  With more competing business able to produce work driven employment, a recovery could actually be spurred by Google.  The jury is out at this time on what fate will be held in the search engine wars, but for now, it would seem that Google is willing to give up this market share to Yahoo and Bing.   Added support would ensure for the truly "democratic" title that Google continues to propagate, and ensure that it remains the top search engine.


After a lot of searching.  I found a chat link that is active for the Google Adwords team. Go here.  It worked today 2-24-2010 This was the most needed link, and I didn't find it on Google's site, but at least it was found.