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Visualizing Your Traffic Objective – Part 1

Reverse-Ripple Marketing Theory

So here we are, trying to improve our site traffic.  Many people begin this aimlessly and without any clear idea of what they wish to accomplish.  I can speak from experience, that quite often I have done the same.  The misconception is that if you build a site, then send a bunch of invites and plug it to generic media, then people will automatically blow up your Alexa ranking, right?  Not necessarily.  A lot will depend on how targeted your approach may  or may not be.1184141_ripple Visualize The Approach Think of throwing rocks into a small pond or lake.  The ripples will swell outward in various patterns and expanses.  They become even smaller as they travel outward.  As they encounter obstacles and other ripples, their direction shifts in many more obscure ways.  This is the key visualization to increase site traffic... In reverse, of course.hidden links Our goal is to increase site traffic.  This means that we have to create these ripples in their reverse form.  Casting a large net across various related topics to your site will inevitably cause these ripples to develop and move back to their origin in waves of response.   The net has to be cast wide and in substantial volume.  Anyone with a blog presence can blow up their numbers for a few days.  We see companies offering this for exorbitant amounts on a regular basis.   They work with mob-like tactics; as soon as you stop paying, your site traffic immediately drops to the floor.  This is not a reason to run back to them(unless you really enjoy paying money for a service that's rigged for only short term gains). Diversify to Enhance your Marketing View To have a traffic plan with true longevity, you have to think of all of the ripple in the pond.  What happens when the ripple encounters an obstacle? It changes direction; it becomes obscure.  No matter what basis you may think, all ripples of net traffic eventually become obscure.  The point is to use the obscure traffic to grow your site.  All of the direct and sharp traffic is like the ripple closest to the rock.  They are large and even, but they only reach a certain radius.  The same amplitude is expressed with the smaller, uneven ripples that have expanded outward.  What separates them is that they are cast over a much larger area and range.  This wider net causes for slow, sometimes bent and obscure group reaction.1138325_rings_of_water Keep in mind, all waves have roughly the    same amplitude.  With this thought, imagine pushing traffic in small, obscure waves that build in size while traveling back to your website.  This requires a lot of work and interaction with other sites as well.  Using the blogosphere, utilizing Press Releases,  Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Ning, Digg, Del.icio.us, LinkedIn, ect.... The list could go on for some time.  Now these are the at the tops of most every "At Home SEO Expert", but what of the lesser known sites?  What about blogs that are only minimally related to your goal.  They "ARE" all fair game, regardless of what some experts may say.   The point is to not just think of social networking, not just think of bookmarks, not to just think of the quick response websites,  but to think of every possible eventuality in response to the content you have to offer. My Enemy Is My Friend But what you have to offer may be something to consider as well.  When the ripples from different points of action intersect, they modify each other and cause for warps within their framework.  This is also a benefit if we play the tape in reverse.  By interacting with your competitors, you will wind up giving and receiving more traffic.  By competing in a communicative manner, both sites win more traffic and reach a larger audience. This is only the first of a 5 part series of post.  Using this "Reverse-Ripple Marketing Theory" will be a long, productive process, but the rewards for the work put into it are far better in yield than paying for quick jolt traffic that is bound to fall as quickly as it arrived.