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SEO! Could the experts be wrong?!!!

While stomping the SEO threads today, I came across an interesting question concerning keyword usage with search ranking.  It ask a simple question, what if the "experts" are wrong?   If you've kept up with most of my post, then you realize what my thoughts are of the self-proclaimed experts are.   That being said, there are some points made by this article that are helpful and not as generic as many of the postings on line.   All credit to webdesign.org for this article. -enjoy- hidden links Search engine optimization, or SEO, has become a huge online "industry". It's an accepted fact that if your website ranks higher in the search results for a given keyword then there is a better chance that it will get more visitors. The best part about this is these are considered "organic" visitors, meaning that you don't have to pay for advertising to get them to your site. In the online business world, this translates into huge earnings with very little advertising costs. In other words, the ultimate goal of any online business owner. highres_3199259 So being able to figure out exactly how to get that 100% guarantee that your site will end up on top of the search results is basically the Holy Grail of SEO. There are people out there that dedicate their careers, even their life to figuring this out. Because they know that if they did they would become overnight millionaires. It would be like cracking the code that nobody else in the world could do. Some people may get parts of it figured out, but no one has been able to give that 100% guarantee. The problem is a lack of consistency. If you asked anyone who has a website how they were going to get on top of the Google search results, 99.9% would agree they would need the highest PageRank possible. Now it is no doubt that a high PageRank is important, but is it a guarantee that your site is going to make it on the first page of the results. A lot of people would say yes, and when Google announces that they are going to update the PageRanks most website owners are on pins and needles wondering if they are going to move up or down. But what if it didn't really matter? There is an internet marketer (probably one of the last truly honest ones out there) by the name of Jonathan Leger who has spent a great deal of time testing out the theories that the SEO experts or "gurus" have been selling to website owners for years. One of which is the "PageRank theory". He ran a very intensive case study and came up with some interesting results. He found that up to 1/3 of the time websites with lower PageRank actually ranked higher in the search results than those with higher PageRank. Some time a great deal higher. Consider a website with a PageRank of 4 ending up 5 steps above a website with a PageRank of 7 or 8. It actually happens!! But the problem is that this isn't the only theory that SEO experts have been preaching that doesn't stand up under Mr. Leger's study. He has found 7 (yes, 7!) different SEO theories that don't always hold true in the real world. That's why if you are at all interested in getting your website to the top of the search results then you have to read Jon's report. And of course, he surprises us all again by the fact that he isn't charging a single dime for it! All you have to do is go to his website below and get ready to download the free report. This whole thing could end up making some people very angry, but I have a feeling that the rest of us will be very happy! Original article from webdesign.org