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PrestaShop Shopping Cart Layout Problems

Because the original structure of PrestaShop is based in French, English speaking (and especially developing) designers and developers should pay special notice to the layout of the checkout page.  Within the inherent French sentence structure, the taxes are added in while in addition to the shipping and added Value Added Taxes(VAT's).  Because of it's location, English speaking developers may wish to move, or just completely remove the Tax addition part of the check out page.  In this post, I'm going to explain the second and more reliable option of how to simply remove the unneeded code. First, we need to install the Tax on Separate Level modification offered by PrestO ChangeO.  These guys go the distance with producing highly functional and executable PrestaShop Modules and modifications.  With this mod put in place, the taxes will be automatically visible and viewable within the active shopping cart.  Doing this enables customers to be completely updated on any potential taxes and rate increases. Why would we do this?  To remove the need of having taxes represented on the last page (WARNING!!! do not use the next phase of this method if a VAT tax is needed. or if your site is headquartered out of a country or state that requires a VAT tax) Be advised, this method may not be needed with the changes to PrestaShop 1.3.2 We will next go to an editor and bring up the Theme>shopping cart.tpl You're going to want to back up the shopping cart.tpl file and look for a set of code mentioning the specific portions you are looking for.  Take caution to only remove portions that you wish to not be seen while leaving all components needed for function. We will have a video of this edit up soon,  Again, if you are using the new PrestaShop, leave this advice for someone with an older version or older theme.

Best Web Design Venue

Our favorite place to work tends to be coffee shops and delicatessens.  In all of the chaos and varying conversations, we can get lost in the work at hand.   One particular place that we've come to enjoy more than most is the Atlanta Bread Company in Warrenville, Illinois.   Since this franchise is family run, the atmosphere is not only welcoming, but quite inclusive and friendly.  The kindness, the artistic fervor, and the immersion within a flowing sea of people coming and going actually makes for our most productive work environment.hidden links The families that manage and own the store are some of the first people I met when moving to Illinois.  I have a large amount of gratitude for the kindness they showed me when arriving here and when we came back to Naperville this past spring.  They have welcomed us and our clients into their establishment and given us a warm environment to conduct our business meetings and web design presentations. Artist tend to flock to the "Bread" as well.  On any given night there will be some form of artistic group that is having a meeting at their location.  There are women who stitch on one night, trading card women on another, painters discussing canvasses, and many other niche artisans who wish to meet and share their talents.  For those familiar with the area, Naperville and Warrenville aren't exactly thought of as Art Mecca's, but within the Atlanta Bread, there is an exception that is a pleasant change for the Chicago Suburbs. Lastly, the absolute chaos of a busy lunch cycle completes our A.D.D. persona and elevates our productivity.  We tend to get more accomplished in a two hour rush at a coffee shop, than in eight hours of quiet within our on office.  we're going to post a lot more on this in coming weeks.  There's just an odd correlation between our better work performance and the amount of interactions taking place at the same time.  We'll be posting more about our favorite working environments in the weeks to come, but at this moment Atlanta Bread is our favorite local coffee shop for web design and seo meetings and work.

Free Website for Non-Profit

Today, Brett and I had a moment of clarity.  We've been learning and becoming strong with both design and structure of websites for some time now.  We've built for companies and friends, but haven't had the chance to feel as though we've really given to our area as much as we'd wished.  Because of this, we've offered and will be working with two separate non-profit groups to donate a web design for a charitable cause.hidden links As artist at heart, we have the urge to bring vision to the world through our talents and abilities.  In doing this, we are hoping that the groups will be able to have a greater reach to their audiences, and we gain the joy of giving back to our community.  We believe that given the opportunity, we can all come together with our varied talents to help others around our community.  For those in the Naperville, Aurora, and Chicago areas with suggestions for how to better use our talents to assist the community, we encourage your responses and correspondence. "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But if that drop was not in the ocean, I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. I do not agree with the big way of doing things."

-Mother Teresa-