Spotting a Scam online

Spotting a Scam online

So, it’s not like the Acai Berry is the first or will be the last scam on line.  Every day hundreds of affiliate sites are added to gather information about prospective customers and leads.  I actually love hearing people laugh and pride themselves on how many of these “Leads” they’ve collected.  The one problem with calling them leads(with thinking of them as a potential group of people to be marketed to) is that they usually don’t want to be on the list of leads to begin with.

Affiliate Email Lead Generation is the laziest and least performing form of marketing that there is. The only people who make any form of true wealth from running these scams are the leaders at the pinnacle of their particular pyramid scheme.  I call them pyramid schemes because that’s just what they are.  If you prefer Multi-Level Marketing Scheme or Platform Scheme, please understand that changing the name of a scam does not change the fact that it’s Pyramid Scheme and a scam. Having websites that take two minutes of scrolling to reach the bottom and serve only to harvest email addresses or to sell junk is still scam sales and weak marketing techniques.  It’s like the guy who claims to be the modern Fonz. He gets a decent amount of dates and interaction, but has to work nonstop to do so, burning every bridge as he goes.

I’m not certain when it happened, but at some point people began perpetuating a fake reality of internet marketing.  With the lowest conversion ratio of any sales “Ever” these people are bragging about the rewards to be had from internet affiliate marketing.  I should qualify my statements though, I am an affiliate for Woo Themes, Theme Forest, and many others… I am not speaking of this form of affiliation, I’m speaking of the obvious crooks like”” (I just don’t like giving those crooks a link to prove this point) or the crooks that are in the Rx or Acai camp.

They blast massive amounts of scam material and give bad names to internet marketers… For What?  To make sales as poor salesman.  The sad truth is that these affiliates with long draping websites are so disastrous as salesman that they’ve taken the scam route as their only option to make a living.  At this point, there are far more scammers than true marketers out there.

There is hope though.  There are true marketing methods still being practiced on line.  There are still marketing groups that demand for themselves to turn a conversion rate of at least 10%.  If you are with a group that doesn’t even mention their conversion ratio, it would be wise to ask.  A quality group will be glad to show(prideful to say the least) that their conversion ratios are working in their clients benefit.  The initial reaction to these numbers is the knowledge that more people that find your product are purchasing through this marketing method.  Purchasers/Subscribers are definite cause for celebration… but don’t discount the other reward.

Your future clients won’t perceive you to be a crook because of all of the Spam and Brute Force marketing techniques the other guys will be associated with.  This is the true reward.  Having true “Leads” recognize your brand as one to be trusted, nit run from.

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