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Congratulations to Naper Design

As of this morning, Naper Design is the #1 ranked site for the search term "Naperville SEO".  In only 1 month and 12 days, Naper Design has shown the ability  to use non-purchased SEO and natural feeds to build site traffic.  Now our goal is shifting, to also add a top 25 listing fr Chicago.  If anyone thinks that sounds like setting a low goal, please feel free to Google "Chicago SEO".  The goal is not only reachable, but we hope to be listed within this ranking by early October.  We will also be focusing on increasing our rankings for the search terms "Chicago Web Design", "Naperville Search Engine Optimization" and "Naperville Web Design".hidden links bragging Please feel free to verify the results.  We were listed #1 this morning.  As you can see, there is no login to Google, so nothing would be effecting the indexing based on preferences. This is further proof that large cost, local SEO groups are charging more for their services than the average business should be paying.  This is in no small part a benefit of the mapping techniques discussed here