Another Saturday Night in Web Development

Another Saturday Night in Web Development

How many times must it be said?


I’m 5 cups of coffee past sanity and still have an hour or two before I can sleep.  Recently many of our clients began getting hacked by the children on the Defacement Logging Website that shall remain nameless.  (Quite frankly, I don’t want to add ourselves to the hit-list.)

They targeted three of our clients sites this past week. Their targeting was very general in nature, and used a few different methods.  Two were injections, and one is still being debated.   The portion that hurts is that one of our clients didn’t back up his database.

After a forced entry into your website, it is generally considered a good idea to burn the damage.  IE… kill the database and erase data from the server to ensure that back door code has not been left in the site.
Tonight, that is not an option.  our client had apparently gone three months without an xml backup, and has misplaced where that copy is located.

Instead of the famous 5 Minute Install, or in some cases 5 Minute Reset”, we get to go through tons of lines of MySQL database to ensure that we eliminate all code that may have been left.  I will not be a very happy person in the morning, and I’m grateful that it will be Sunday.  Hopefully we get a day off.

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