Free Web Directory

Free Web Directory

We are adding a free web directory to the assorted list of tools used by Naper Design. When focusing on web design, it is imperative to ensure that the website built has the opportunity to be seen. Our web design practice has been blessed in the last few months with several good clients and a network of fellow web designers who are coming together to make a greater impact on this area.

As a result of these new networks and contacts, and an increasing desire for our web design to be seen by more, we have worked with Naperville SEO Inc to build our fist free directory at the Naperville Business Directory.

There will be more coming in future days and we will be designing them more completely to function with a more vast community across the web.

Again, we are incredibly grateful for the web design and development opportunities that have presented themselves this year.  With the addition of these sites, we will move forward into the new year with a more broad outreach for our clients.  Please register your business with us, regardless if we maintain your website or not.  Our goal is to ensure that all small businesses in Naperville have the opportunity to be seen.

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