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We are adding a free web directory to the assorted list of tools used by Naper Design. When focusing on web design, it is imperative to ensure that the website built has the opportunity to be seen. Our web design practice has been blessed in the last few months with several good clients and a network of fellow web designers who are coming together to make a greater impact on this area. As a result of these new networks and contacts, and an increasing desire for our web design to be seen by more, we have worked with Naperville SEO Inc to build our fist free directory at the Naperville Business Directory. There will be more coming in future days and we will be designing them more completely to function with a more vast community across the web. Again, we are incredibly grateful for the web design and development opportunities that have presented themselves this year.  With the addition of these sites, we will move forward into the new year with a more broad outreach for our clients.  Please register your business with us, regardless if we maintain your website or not.  Our goal is to ensure that all small businesses in Naperville have the opportunity to be seen.


If you've been considering a business blog, perhaps you already know some of the benefits:hidden links
  • Establishing yourself as an expert or industry leader
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Better leads and more qualified traffic for your Web site.
  • Interacting with prior, present and future customers of the Naperville, Chicago, and even Illinois areas.
You may also know that blogging is a powerful tool because it has three channels of distribution: a Web page, a newsfeed(RSS )that can be syndicated, and an email feed for people who want to receive your posts via email(feedburn). However, with the popularity of blogs for business, there's a lot more a small business owner needs to know and do to make blogging an effective part of your Chicago and Naperville marketing strategy.

Naper Design helps our business blogging clients in the following ways:

Blog Design: Although most blogging platforms offer several attractive templates, a customized design by Naper Design will complement the rest of your marketing materials and improve your brand recognition. Once you've piqued the interest of your blog visitor, sending them to a similarly-designed Web site will smooth the transition and improve your conversion rates. Blog Setup & Configuration: You probably don't want to spend time learning the ins and outs of a blogging platform when you could be using that time to run your business. Naper Design can setup your account, configure it for maximum exposure and ease-of-use, and implement our custom designs into templates. We can also go "under-the-hood" to improve your blog's search engine optimization and "find-a-bility." Once we've set it up all you need to do is write! Business Blog Consulting: Blogging is like breathing: a minute to learn, a lifetime to master. We've been blogging steadily since 2005 and helping clients develop effective blogs for almost as long. We can help you get links from other bloggers in your niche, rank higher at the search engines, write posts that your prospects will be interested in and drive blog readers to your site. We can also train you in how to use the blogging software. Business Blog Promotion: Naper Design can help you get listed in blog directories, get more incoming links, improving your pinging and tagging strategy and more to increase your readership and subscriber base.
"I'm ready to start a business blog. How do we begin?"
Get your business on the map
Get your business on the map